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We are committed to enhancing the lives of people with mental health and substance use needs while providing opportunities for businesses to hire a diverse well-trained, and committed workforce in North Carolina. Our goal is to obtain and maintain competitive employment and to provide the training and the skill sets needed for people to live and work as independently as possible.

We offer an array of employment services and supports for people with mental illness and substance use needs.

Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT)

Assertive Community Treatment Team services use a team of mental health professionals to offer a full range of support services to people with serious behavioral health needs.  ACTT promotes rehabilitation and independence by teaching people the coping skills needed to live and work in their own communities safely and productively, engaging them in normal daily routines and healthy social interactions.

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B3 Services/Long-Term Vocational Supports (LTVS)

The purpose of these services is to help people age 16 and over maintain their employment when they no longer need more structured Supported Employment services.  Sometimes people, because of medical or behavioral needs, may require some extra support in their work environment but do not need more intensive vocational services such as help finding a job or learning how to perform the tasks of a job.

Individual Placement Supports (IPS)

We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of people with mental health and substance use issues. Work plays a central role in recovery, so our goal is to help people gain and retain employment. We use a person-centered holistic approach and are trained in the best practices model. As you begin your journey into the IPS program, you are taking an important step toward working independently and finding employment that fits your interests, abilities and preferences.

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