Understand Your Candidate Account

About Your Candidate Account

  • Used during application > hire process
  • You MUST Create a Candidate account to apply with RHA
  • You do need to have an email account to apply
  • Be sure to check your SPAM filter to ensure you get communications from RHA regarding your application, and if selected, onboarding

If you are hired and on-boarded to RHA, you will receive a new Employee account for logging into our Workday HR system.  This is where you will log-in, enter time worked, request days off, view your pay stub, and more.

Workday Candidate Account Password Resets

If you are a Job Candidate (not yet an employee, but going through the interview/onboarding process) you will login/access the Workday Candidate Account.
If a candidate has forgotten their Candidate Account password, they will need to:
  1. Visit www.rhajobs.com
  2. Click Sign In
  3. Click Forgot Password
  4. Enter the Email Address you originally signed up/applied with.


Questions About The Status Of Your Application

If you would like to contact the Location you applied to, you can visit our Locations page for phone, address and email information.