Community Living Services in Georgia

We provide a full continuum of residential options for people with disabilities to live in a safe and healthy environment in Georgia. Our goal is for people to achieve the highest level of independence at home and in the community. Our interdisciplinary teams work closely with family members and guardians and we encourage involvement in all aspects of their loved one’s lives.

Community Living Support Services (CLS)

CLS Services include individually tailored supports that assist people in building the skills needed to maintain residency in their own home or in the home of a family member. Personal care/assistance may be a component part of CLS services but may not comprise the entirety of the services.

Community Residential Alternatives

These are residential services for people who require intense levels of support. These services include a range of interventions with a particular focus on training and support in one or more of the following areas: eating and drinking, toileting, personal grooming, health care, dressing, communication, interpersonal relationships, mobility, home management and use of leisure time. Services are individualized to meet each person’s needs and desires.

Host Home Supports

This is a residential service selected by the person supported, where he/she moves into the home of and lives with a trained caregiver who is not a family member. The goal of these services is to help integrate the person supported into the shared experiences of a home and family life, while supporting the person’s independence and full inclusion in the community.

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