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Residential Services in North Carolina

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RHA Health Services offers a wide variety of residential serv­ices for adults and children with disabilities, across the state of North Carolina. From independent and family-model living for those with minimal support needs, to large medical centers that provide IDD services and individualized care for those whose needs are more medically complex, we meet each person where they are to support them in living the life they choose.

Community-Based and Group Home Living

Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs): RHA offers ICF group homes for adults and children with disabilities. Our ICF homes provide a high degree of structured support, with direct support staff on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while supporting each person in achieving their highest level of independence.

Each person living in an RHA ICF works with their individualized care team — which can include nurses, direct support professional and residential managers, therapists (occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy), Qualified Professionals, dietary personnel and behavior specialists — to create a person-centered plan that identifies their personal goals and dreams and helps shape their care plan to meet them. People living in our ICFs are encouraged to get involved in their communities, participate in day programs, shopping, going to concerts, and other activities, and attend church or religious services of their choice, with RHA’s dedicated staff supporting them every step of the way.

Nursing Support – 24-hour On-Call Nursing: Those who RHA supports in Independent Living and Family-Model Living services, or in Intermediate Care Facilities or Waiver residential facilities, have access to 24-hour on-call nursing services. This ensures that they are able to receive routine nursing services as needed, and that RHA’s highly skilled nurses are available to respond if an immediate need arises.

NC Innovations Waiver Services

Independent & Family-Model Living: Through Independent Living, RHA provides person-centered, individualized support to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities as they live independently in their family home or their own house or apartment. This way, people can live their lives with the fullest degree of flexibility and independence, while also having RHA’s experienced and knowledgeable staff available to meet any support needs they may have.

Residential: RHA offers group homes and residential options for children and adults who receive funding for residential services through North Carolina’s Innovations Waiver program. Our Waiver homes typically serve three to four people and provide them with a safe and supportive environment. Our care teams work to link each person with the appropriate community-based specialists to ensure all of their medical care needs (including occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy and more) are met. We work with each person to identify their goals and dreams and then make a plan, including very individualized and tailored day services and supports, to help achieve them.

Large Medical Centers

RHA’s large medical centers provide support to adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities whose needs are more medically complex. This includes 24-hour on-site nursing services from RHA’s skilled nursing staff. We also provide specialty care for infants and children, to provide support for the unique needs of every age. Our large centers serving children offer optional school programs.

Alternative Family Living

Alternative Family Living (AFL) is an innovative model of providing support and care for disabled adults and children who require help with day-to-day activities and whose needs can be met by an individual or family in a natural home setting.

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