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Project Alcopop Sticker Shock (PASS) Kickoff
Saturday, September 22, 2018, 11am
Eblen Short Stop
1185 Charlotte Hwy # K, Fairview, NC 28730

What Is Happening?
Buncombe County youth are visiting convenience store, Eblen Short Stop on Charlotte Highway in Fairview, on Saturday September 22nd at 11 am to implement Project Alcopop Sticker Shock (PASS). Youth leading the PASS project are representatives of The Partnership for Substance Free Youth in Buncombe County, a local coalition focused on preventing and reducing underage drinking and medication drug abuse.

Annually, about 5,000 individuals under age 21 die from alcohol-related injuries involving underage drinking including alcohol related vehicle crashes, homicides, suicides, and alcohol poisoning. In addition, underage drinking increases the risk of physical and sexual assaults. Underage drinking is also associated with academic failure; and in conjunction with pregnancy, may result in fetal alcohol spectrum disorders which is a leading cause of mental retardation.

What Will Happen
The youth will place “stop sign” stickers on alcopops at the Eblen Short Stop. These stickers remind adults to check IDs, not sell alcohol to minors and not purchase alcohol for minors, and provide a way for youth to remind adults they are key to helping prevent underage drinking.

What are Alcopops?
Alcopops are fruity, malt flavored alcoholic beverages, which are popular among youth. Alcopops often taste and resemble soda, juice and energy drinks, and aren’t bitter, like beer or wine. Some examples include Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Smirnoff Ice.

A new trend, faux liquor, has also emerged in Buncombe County. Faux liquor is commonly made from grape wine and has a very high alcohol content (up to 21%) and is made to resemble bottles of liquor such as Smirnoff Vodka. Youth will be targeting and placing stickers on faux liquor, as well.

Working Together
With the help of The Partnership for Substance Free Youth in Buncombe County and local alcohol law enforcement, youth will be working with the Eblen Short Stop management team to implement this project. Eblen Short Stop is looking forward to supporting this youth project and doing their part in helping prevent underage drinking in Buncombe County. This project gives youth the opportunity to take responsibility and hold adults responsible. The North Carolina Preventing Underage Drinking Initiative states, “Holding young people solely responsible for underage drinking is like holding fish responsible for dying in a polluted stream.” We all have our role.