RHA Comprehensive Services

RHA offers high-quality services and supports that are guided by our Core Values of Passion, Accountability, Communication, and Ethics (PACE).  Our staff is some of the best trained and most dedicated in the industry.  We offer a comprehensive range of services and supports for people of all ages with developmental disabilities and/or behavioral health concerns.  All RHA services are person-centered, meaning that we always strive to build support structures that are responsive to the needs and goals of the people we support.

We provide services that not only meet individual needs but also help empower the people we serve to make their own positive life choices – choices that are based on their own strengths, preferences, interests, and abilities.  We aim to foster real opportunity for people to live with increasing independence and community inclusion.  Our evidence-based services promote resiliency and recovery by focusing on education, making healthy choices, setting realistic goals, and strengthening family and community relationships.

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