Specialized OPIOID Treatment

Hilltop Comprehensive Substance Use Services is an RHA Health Services program that specializes in providing wraparound support, advocacy, and various levels of treatment to people who struggle with addictive diseases.

Hilltop’s Comprehensive Substance Use Services offer outpatient rehabilitation service for groups and individuals designed to provide additional structure, guidance, and support to people trying to achieve and maintain recovery from substance use and addiction.

Hilltop Program Locations

Columbus County NC
603 Pecan Lane
Whiteville, NC 28472

Phone: 910-640-1400
Fax: 910-640-1402

Halifax County NC
60 North Hwy 125
Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870

Phone: 252-537-6619
Fax: 252-308-0380

New Hanover County NC
2023-1A 17th St
Wilmington, NC 28401

Phone: 910-632-2191
Fax: 910-632-2354

More Hilltop Locations Coming Soon!

Specialized Opioid Treatment

RHA is committed to hope and healing in all aspects of addiction and recovery in the midst of the opioid epidemic in communities across the country.

Our approach is to provide holistic care and long term treatment to you or your loved ones. We see treatment as a gateway to recovery and a successful personal path to healthy living. We use evidence-based practices including medication assisted treatment, individual and group counseling.

One important component of treatment includes Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Services (SAIOP). We provide this program for anyone struggling with addiction to substances such as alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and opioids.

The second component includes Substance Abuse Comprehensive Outpatient Programs (SACOT). The SACOT program includes therapeutic and educational groups, individual sessions, recreational therapy assessment and intervention, and a higher level of involvement from medical professionals.

Our goal is to help each person we support to understand their addictive disease and to establish a commitment to recovery and maintenance.

What People Are Saying About Specialized Opioid Treatment
  • ``People come in broken, and I have the honor of watching them put back the pieces in order for them to become whole again. Recovery is filled with challenges, difficulty, frustration and obstacles. Our team encourages them to have hope. Hope allows people to approach the challenges of life with a positive mindset and a feeling of desire for change. By the time our consumers graduate they have the essential tools to thrive in recovery and live life to the fullest.``

    -CSAC, QP, CPSS SAIOP/MATT Facilitator

Medication Assisted Treatment Therapies (MATT)

In the midst of the opioid and substance use epidemic, communities across the country face increased demands for prevention and specialized treatment.

To combat this crisis, we are utilizing a variety of evidence-based practices to include medication assisted treatment therapies.

Components of Treatment Medication Assisted Treatment


Utilizing proven counseling approaches, we provide guidance and tools designed to enhance the psychological, social, and spiritual components of healthy living. This combination is effective in the treatment of substance use disorders, and can help some people to sustain recovery.


  • Suboxone is an opioid prescription medication used to treat opioid addiction. It suppresses withdrawal symptoms and decreases cravings.
  • Vivitrol is a prescription injectable medicine used to treat alcohol dependence and to prevent relapse to opioid dependence after detox.

SAIOP (Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program)

RHA offers Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Services (SAIOP) to anyone struggling with addiction to substances such as alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and opioids

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What People Are Saying About SAIOP
  • ``SAIOP groups has had a big impact on my life. Throughout my journey here I was able to learn a lot about my disease and the impact drugs had on me and others. I learned to identify triggers, learned about my character defects, and learned how to change my negative thinking. I learned to stop, look,and listen, and to recognize feelings are just that-feelings!``

SACOT (Substance Abuse Comprehensive Outpatient Programs)

The SACOT program provides therapeutic and educational groups, individual sessions, recreational therapy assessment and intervention, and a higher level of involvement from medical professionals.

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RHA is Committed to Quality & Ethics
  • The RHA Quality Assurance System was established to benefit the people we support, evaluate our programs, and gather feedback so that we can always find ways to improve the services we offer. RHA is committed to doing everything possible to enhance the lives of the people we serve.

Non-Hospital Medical Detox

Our detox services include initial short-term detoxification for people who are motivated to go on to further extended treatment. We offer these services to address alcohol and opioid withdrawal.

Insurance Information
Insurances accepted include Medicaid, Medicare Uninsured, BCBS, and UnitedHealthcare. Call for other insurance availability.

What People Are Saying About Non-Hospital Medical Detox
  • ``I knew I needed help but wasn’t ready. I would go to work with no sleep and no food. I knew if I didn’t get help I was going to die. With detox and the help of my RHA therapist, I am now clean, sober, and have a place to live.``

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