We’re Hiring! – Talent Acquisition Lead Shares About RHA’s Open Positions

As we expand and evolve, RHA is always seeking to fill open positions. From business to operations to healthcare, we offer a variety of opportunities for all experience levels. 

RHA's Talent Acquisition Lead Amie Sevier

We reached out to Talent Acquisition Lead Amie Sevier to share more about her work, RHA, and what potential applicants should know. 

Q: Can you describe your role with RHA and overall industry experience?   

A: As the Talent Acquisition Lead, my role is to lead the Talent Acquisition/Recruitment team to attract and connect talent at RHA. We work with the Operations team to connect candidates with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the people we serve across Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. I started in December 2020 as the first centralized Recruiter at RHA, and our team now has more than five members. I have 11 years of Recruitment experience in different industries, and I love having the opportunity to work with and hire passionate professionals! I love what I do because I am constantly learning from others, and I get to help develop and build the teams that stand behind our company.  

Q: What inspires you about your work with RHA? 

A: I am inspired by all we do for the community and the passion of our staff who work to provide opportunities for people to live more independent lives. I learn every day from the people at RHA, working in the community to make a difference by providing needed services I never knew existed. In Recruitment, we are inspired to keep doing what we do each day so RHA and all its great programs can keep providing for the communities we serve. 

Q: How would you describe RHA’s work culture and environment? 

A: RHA as a company is all about passion for the people we serve, and this shines through our staff. The Operations staff does everything they can to serve the unique needs of intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) services, mental health support services, and substance use services. Starting my job in 2020, I witnessed this passion when everyone came together to keep our services running as optimally as possible. 

Q: What kind of jobs are available with RHA? 

A: We have a little bit of everything at RHA, literally from hairdressers to psychiatrists! Most of our workforce are Direct Support Professionals, entry-level positions who provide care for the people we serve. These positions are 24/7, with a variety of schedules available, making them a great fit for someone in school or starting their career. We also have available positions in a variety of programs and services within the IDD and Behavioral Health space. My team and I like to say, if you are interested in working in one of the states we serve, we can find a job that suits your current needs and allows you to grow or “bloom” professionally at RHA. 

Q: What qualities and skills does RHA look for in potential candidates? 

A: We look for passion to support the people we serve, responsibility, innovation, a strong work ethic, and a teamwork mindset. 

Q: Why should someone apply to work with RHA? 

A: To state our tagline: At RHA, Where Humans Bloom, we give our staff the chance to grow and learn. If you want to make a difference in the lives of people living with intellectual/developmental disabilities or behavioral/mental health needs, there is a place for you at RHA. Explore the variety of services we provide to find the right fit for you and submit an application. We want to hear from you! 

Visit rhajobs.com or email careers@rhanet.org to learn more about available positions and apply now! 

Employee Celebrates Long Career with RHA – 40 Years and Counting!

Over the last 40 years, Gina Horner has served in many roles at RHA.

RHA Human Resources Manager Gina Horner

She started her career in 1983 in a Direct Care position and is now the Human Resources Manager in Trenton, TN. In celebration of her 40-year anniversary with the company, we asked her a couple questions to get to know her better.

Q: Why RHA? Tell us what inspires you about the work we do.

A: I am asked this question frequently. My answer has always been: “Why not?” If I make a difference in the life of just one person supported, that makes everything worthwhile. It is always rewarding to watch them accomplish something independently after working hard to achieve their goals. This work is a passion that comes from within.

Q: Outside of RHA, what are your passions and hobbies?

A: I have had two children and now four grandchildren while employed. My interests include spending time with my grandchildren, shopping at antique malls, and traveling. My travels have included Ecuador, France, Germany, and on many occasions, the beach. No day is the same at RHA. My career has always afforded me the opportunity to balance work with my personal life. RHA is “Where Humans Bloom,” and I am still blooming.

Congratulations on 40 years, Gina! Thank you for sharing your passion for your work. We are so fortunate to have you on our team!

Reimert Elected President of the PAPRS Board

Rochelle Reimert, Assistant Operations Director of Psychiatric Rehabilitation (PR) Services at RHA, was recently named President Elect of the Pennsylvania Association of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (PAPRS) Board.

Rochelle Reimert, Assistant Operations Director of Psychiatric Rehabilitation (PR) Services at RHAA volunteer Board supports the PAPRS mission to promote a system of integrated and holistic services to support mental health recovery so that individuals can achieve success and satisfaction in the living, learning, working and social environments of their choice. This is achieved through education, technical assistance, advocacy and networking – providing access, information, and strategies to implement state-of-the-art PR and recovery-oriented principles and practices throughout the Commonwealth.

Reimert has been involved with PAPRS since 2014, serving on both the Board and the Education and Consultation committee, of which she is currently Co-chair. Reimert says, “Serving on the PAPRS Board is important because it is not only promoting our services, but PR throughout the state. It has allowed me to be part of the education of Pennsylvania’s workforce, support and advocate for funding, take part in regulatory issues, and promote PR principles. I want to help transform people’s lives wherever possible. This allows me to.”

Reimert has worked in behavioral health services since 1995, and as the Assistant Operations Director of PR Services, she manages three RHA PR programs covering Lehigh, Northampton, Carbon, Monroe, and Pike counties in Pennsylvania. She credits her hard-working team for mutually supporting and sustaining their passion for recovery and rehabilitation. Referencing RHA’s “Where Humans Bloom” slogan, Reimert says, “I knew this was a good match for us in PR….this is what we do. We provide hope and encouragement to teach skills and build support. We help individuals transform their dreams into actionable goals.”

Congratulations, Rochelle, on your election and well-deserved success. We are glad you’re a part of the RHA family!

PA Assertive Community Treatment Team Wins Award for Outstanding Service

We are excited to announce that one of RHA’s Assertive Community Treatment Teams (ACTT) recently accepted an award from the Carbon-Monroe-Pike Mental Health and Developmental Services Advisory Board recognizing their outstanding contribution to the community!

Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania Assertive Community Treatment Team celebrating their award for outstanding service

RHA’s ACT Teams are groups of mental health professionals that work 24/7/365 to offer a full range of support services to people with serious or persistent mental illness and/or behavioral health needs. The award-winning team, located in Stroudsburg, PA, has been an active part of its community since its inception in 2010. They provide services in Carbon, Monroe, and Pike counties. Ashley Lerner, Operations Director of the ACT Team, says they most often meet with individuals dealing with mental health or housing crises. The team connects them with resources to help them live active, meaningful lives, integrated in their community. ACT Teams travel to people to provide personalized care with no waiting list, no time limit, and with an emphasis on community support. After receiving ACTT services, people supported often report a significant reduction in crisis situations such as homelessness, incarceration or repeat-hospitalizations.

The multi-functional Stroudsburg team consists of a team leader and assistant, mental health professionals, nurses, and housing, vocational, drug/alcohol, and certified peer specialists. Lerner attributes the team’s success to team morale and accountability, saying, “The ACT Team is amazing, and they work so well together, jumping in when needed. In order to be successful, you need a team that believes in the same values, purpose, goals and mission. At a management level encouraging promoting autonomy and celebrating successes is important. This is just one of the many things we do to show our team members that they are valued.”

In celebration of the team’s success, we reached out to members, asking them to share a memorable experience serving in their community. Here is what they shared:

“To me, there is something so inherently different about our team- the cohesiveness, the way we communicate, the way we can finish each other’s sentences. We have seen the people we support at some of the lowest points in their lives, and to be able to work together to support, uplift, and empower them is a gift. To see someone go from being unhoused and unemployed, without family and support, to gaining housing, support, and income that meets their needs is amazing and a true testament to their resilience and strength. For people to let us in and trust us to guide them in personal growth is truly what it’s all about.” – Kimberly Dugan, ACT Team Leader

“A memorable experience: taking a client out into the community for the first time after a yearlong COVID lockdown for a cup of coffee at Dunkin. She was extremely appreciative, almost to the point of tears.” – John Malia, Nurse

“One of the people we supported a few years ago has a great success story. He had been with us for about 3-4 years and was interested in taking classes. He often asked me for advice regarding school and job searches. He took a class in auto mechanics. Initially, he wanted to repair his own vehicle.  As he was going through the class, I watched his self-esteem and confidence grow. Shortly after he finished the class and began his job search, he expressed an interest in graduating from ACT services. Over a few years, I had watched this man go from a person who was unsure of himself to a person with confidence; not just in his abilities to get through that class, but to get through life. He was ready to graduate. Our last visit was more of a formality. I observed no nervousness. He was just matter of fact, and his confident smile said it all: his life was waiting…he was ready.” – Carol Van Norman, Certified Peer Specialist

Congratulations, Stroudsburg ACT Team! We are proud of your success and the impact you are making in your community!