Celebrating Western North Carolina’s Employees of the Year

RHA is proud to celebrate these outstanding employees named 2022 Employees of the Year!

Each month, Behavioral Health services directors in Western North Carolina name an Employee of the Month from which they annually select an Employee of the Year. Congratulations to the following employees who have worked hard for this award!

Brooklyn S. is an Employment Specialist with RHA’s Individual Placement Support Team. She is currently working towards a Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree from Gardner-Webb University. Brooklyn says, “I have always had a passion for helping those with mental health and substance use issues. My ultimate desired outcome is to obtain my PhD in psychology, so that I can continue to help the community that I serve and to have a greater impact in the lives of others.”

Brooklyn’s coworkers say:Thank you, Brooklyn, for the outstanding work you do! Brooklyn is consistent with serving members of IPS get and maintain employment, completing her documentation, and building bridges and partnerships with community stakeholders.”


RHA Team Leader Shemeca R.Shemeca R. is a Team Leader with RHA’s Comprehensive Case Management (CCM) Program. She started her career as a Qualified Professional with RHA’s Asheville-based Community Support Team, and after progressing to a Team Leader role, has grown the CCM program into the success it is today. 

Shemeca’s coworkers say:Shemeca leads by example, supporting not only her staff in being successful but also those individuals supported by CCM.”   

“Shemeca expects from others only what she will do herself. She is all in when it comes to helping and doing the ‘dirty work’ when necessary.”

RHA Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist Catherine L.Catherine L. is a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist. She is currently working to obtain a Mental Health license                                       

Catherine’s coworkers say:Catherine is extremely dedicated to her job. When I think about what it takes to be a great mental health and substance use therapist, I think about Cat. It’s amazing how well she balances the job, especially since she has been in the field for so many years.”                                

“Cat contributes to our team anywhere she sees a need. She has provided transportation to many of the individuals she serves just to help them get to groups to continue in their recovery journeys.”

Adaptive Technology Professional Bruce J.Bruce J. is the Adaptive Technology Professional in RHA’s Information Technology department.          

Bruce’s coworkers say:We are so appreciative of Bruce. He is a calm presence when we are experiencing IT panic. Not only is he incredibly competent in his job, he shows such patience with those of us who are less technically inclined.”                                                    

Bruce puts aside his own agenda on a busy day to help staff members who are struggling with IT issues. He responds quickly to IT struggles and maintains respect and professionalism as we try to navigate new computer systems.”