DSP Week Spotlight: Amanda A. in GA

Amanda A. has been a Direct Support Professional with RHA in Georgia since July 2020. This is her first DSP role.

What do you love most about being a DSP?

“It’s the people I support. Trying to put it into any other words…. I really don’t even know how. It’s one of their laughs, it’s the way the other one has to have a hug any time she sees me. It’s them and the joy that they bring to me.”

What do you think the most important part of your job is?

“For me, it’s treating the individuals as if they were my family—the way I would want my family to be treated if they lived in a home like this.”

What would you say to someone who is considering becoming a DSP at RHA?

“It takes a special kind of heart [to be a DSP.] It’s not for someone who just thinks that it’s an easy paycheck. It’s a job for someone that really cares.”

Amanda was nominated by Debbie Stehling, IDD Operations Vice President in Georgia, who said:

“Amanda consistently goes out of her way to make those we serve and support at RHA feel empowered and are cared for every second of every day. Amanda is compassionate and sincere in all interactions with those she supports, she puts them first with a willing and cheerful smile. Through the day-to-day interactions Amanda has with people supported, it is evident how much she cares for the individuals we serve at RHA. We are so thankful for Amanda and her love for supporting those we serve.”