RHA Health Services Intellectual Developmental Disabilities Services

Intellectual Developmental Disability Specialty Services

We Are a Multi-State Network of Comprehensive Support Services for People with Intellectual, Physical & Developmental Disabilities (IDD).  We serve all age groups and every level of need. Our person-centered approach to care puts the needs of the people we support at the center of every decision. For any questions or to coordinate services in your region, please contact the RHA office closest to you.

Physical, Intellectual & Developmental Disability Services

Specialty Services

  • CAP Programs for Children & Adults
  • NC START (Systemic Therapeutic Assessment Resource & Treatment)
  • Tar River Pediatric Center
  • Anson Children’s Center
  • Therapeutic Family Services
  • Private Duty Nursing (PDN)
  • Developmental Therapy
  • Personal Care Services
  • NC Innovations Waiver
  • Behavior Respite Services

Vocational Supports & Services

  • Employment Services
  • Supported Employment & Long-Term Supports
  • B3 Services
  • Community-Based Day Services

Residential Services & Supports

  • Group Homes/DDA
  • Supported Living
  • Independent Living Services
  • Family & Group Living
  • Alternative Family Living (AFL)/Family Model Services/Host Home Supports
  • Community Residential Alternatives (CRA)
  • Community Living Supports (CLS)
  • Medical Residential Services

Periodic Services

  • Adult Developmental Vocational Programs
  • Home & Community Supports
  • Day Services
  • B3 Services
  • Respite Services
  • Personal Assistance Services
  • Nursing Services

“At RHA Health Services, we build services that are responsive to the needs and goals of the people we support. Our mission is to foster real opportunities for individuals to live with increasing independence and community inclusion. We support people as they learn and develop new skills and strive for personal growth and achievement, making life choices based on their own strengths, preferences, interests and abilities.”

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