RHA Team Members Named 2021 Most Valuable Clinicians

RHA’s Buncombe County CST Team comprised of Carolyn S., Cecilia H. & Aaron G. were recently awarded the Most Valuable Clinicians of 2021 award by the North Carolina IPS Coalition. 

The CST Team embodies the tenant of integrated behavioral health services and employment. They assist with concrete needs (e.g., identification and exploring job interests) and provide critical support and communication around symptom management and wellness tools. They are a great team to partner with!”

Congratulations to Aaron, Cecilia, and Carolyn for their outstanding work. We are grateful to have you on our team!​

The award winners are pictured left to right.
From left to right: Aaron, Cecilia, Carolyn.

RHA Celebrates Administrative Professionals Day by Highlighting an Administrative Supervisor who is Blooming in NC!

RHA would like to recognize Meghan W., an administrative professional in NC who recently won an award for her outstanding work assisting with the Western NC IPS-Supported Employment (IPS-SE) program.

Meghan W., an Administrative Supervisor who supports the IPS-SE team with RHA in Western NC was nominated by one of her teammates for a Program Assistant of the Year award. Meghan was selected to receive the award at the Growing Together, Pushing Forward: A Joint Conference of ACT & IPS Coalition Members event on March 3, 2022.

Meghan’s colleagues describe her as the backbone of IPS-SE in Western North Carolina. Team members attribute their success as a team to Meghan’s knowledge of resources and organizational strengths and shared that they felt they would face additional challenges and barriers without Meghan on board.

One of Meghan’s co-workers, Agape P., said, “Meghan is an excellent team member and leader at RHA.  She has an amazing wealth of knowledge, insight, and wisdom in all that she does.  She is the go-to person when others need to figure out how to do something, who to talk to, or just where to start. When faced with a challenging situation, Meghan will lean into the messy details, sort them out, make a chart, find ways to address the issue, and create a plan to address them at a dizzying and impressive pace. Meghan’s knowledge and creativity work together in a way that seems magical at times!  She is also so capable in how she interacts with others in a manner that speaks to a level of care and attention to detail that is admirable. No matter what might happen at RHA on a given day, Meghan is able to help her team get through the day; she’s supportive and understanding of her colleagues, and overall, an excellent advocate for anyone who has the pleasure of working with her.”

RHA is grateful to have someone like Meghan on our team – congratulations, Meghan, and thank you for all your hard work!