RHA Welcomes Mickey Atkins as New President for North Carolina, Georgia, and Pennsylvania

RHA has carefully considered candidates as RHA’s President since the departure of Nick Sulaiman. We are pleased to announce the search is over as we welcome Mickey Atkins as RHA’s President of North Carolina, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

“Our company was built on highly relational and dedicated leaders with exceptional experience in serving people living with an intellectual disability, and mental health or substance use needs. Serving this community is one’s greatest honor, and Mickey demonstrates this commitment and experience,” says Jeanne Duncan, RHA’s Chief Executive Officer.

A healthcare executive with almost 30 years of experience in both growing and managing community-based healthcare companies, Mickey’s career started as a CPA and CFO. During these years, he managed all financial aspects of the company, along with acquisitions and legislative efforts.

In 2006, he moved into the CEO role for D&S Residential Services. During his 15-year tenure with D&S, he built a strong management team and ensured the company’s quality remained at the forefront of operations. His dedication to supporting individuals through a person-centered approach was the foundation of the company’s mission and vision.

“I am thrilled to be joining a team that I have admired for some time. This opportunity to continue to support individuals in the community as part of RHA Health Services is exciting and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and skills with the team to add to the great work already being done,” says Atkins.

Mickey lives in Austin, Texas with his wife of 36 years. He has two daughters and one granddaughter. He likes playing golf with friends, traveling with his wife, and listening to good singers/songwriters of country music.

RHA Health Services Welcomes Howell Support Services

RHA Health Services is pleased to announce the acquisition of Howell Support Services, a provider of residential and community-based support services in Goldsboro and Kinston, NC. 

Jerry Howell, Founder of Howell Support Services, said of the acquisition, “We are glad to have partnered with RHA Health Services throughout this process. The people we have supported since 1997 are truly the core of our business, and we know they will continue to receive high-quality service through RHA. We are happy to have found such a good fit for this acquisition.” 

Throughout the acquisition, RHA worked to ensure that those receiving services from Howell Support Services did not experience any interruption to services and that former Howell Support Services employees were seamlessly hired by RHA. 

“We are excited to welcome Howell Support Services to the RHA family,” said Jeanne Duncan, CEO of RHA Health Services. “Together, we will carry on their tradition of providing high-quality services. We look forward to working with people supported, families and guardians, employees, and other partners.” 

RHA is continuing to grow our services across more communities. Are you interested in exploring an acquisition with RHA? Click here to learn more or contact Shaun Roark, Vice President of Business Development, at shaun.roark@rhanet.org. 

About RHA 

Founded in 1989, RHA began as a small provider of support services to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in North Carolina. Over the years, we have expanded to include a broad range of disability services and continue to add other types of services across multiple states to meet our communities’ needs. Today, RHA provides disability services in Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. In North Carolina and Pennsylvania, RHA also provides a wide variety of mental health and substance use services as well as support services for those who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. 

We focus on helping people live their best lives through setting and reaching personal goals, forming and sustaining meaningful community connections and relationships, achieving positive outcomes in health and wellness, and more. Learn more. 


RHA Employee Celebrates 11 Years at the Place #WhereHumansBloom!

Marianne T. is an RHA Business Manager in North Carolina who celebrated her 11-year anniversary with the company in July.

“I started working with the Foothills Service Center area in 1995. In the early 2000s, the company was vested and we wound up going through three new management companies in a matter of months, which caused drastic upset with the community of people we serve… In 2010 or 2011, RHA finally took over and I was committed to making sure that they were successful so that we could provide stability for the people we supported.”

Marianne began as a Business Manager with RHA, helping identify training opportunities, billing efficiencies, and other areas of improvement that could elevate the experience of the people supported at the Foothills Regional Treatment Center. Over the years, she has had the opportunity to work in a variety of roles supporting project management, office transitions, special projects, and more.

“I’ve always said if you need someone to break down a big project, give it to Marianne,” said Tina H. when complimenting Marianne on a recent position change. “You have stepped into your new position with a lot of thought and investigation. I appreciate how you have moved into it with such grace.”

“Marianne is quite the generous lady… She sewed all FRTC staff a personal cloth mask and in addition, delivered to the unit…. Thank you Marianne for caring for the RHA team,” Angela N. said after Marianne hand-sewed masks for staff members at the Foothills Regional Treatment Center during the height of COVID.

After eleven years with the company, Marianne says that there’s never been a dull day– and she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

“Every day is an adventure because every day we are figuring out how we’re going to make the next thing work successfully.” She said, “The thing about RHA is that the mindset is ‘we are going to do whatever it takes to succeed, and we are all going to do our best to make sure it does.’ And even when things don’t succeed, the people in charge come back and say, ‘Let’s look at this and figure out how to do it better next time.’ RHA just does not fail.”

Thank you, Marianne, for your commitment to RHA and the people we support!

Inspired by Marianne’s story? Visit rhajobs.com to learn more about available positions and apply now!


RHA Residential Team Lead in NC builds team through referrals!

Paris Capozziello is a Residential Team Leader with RHA’s disability services in Hendersonville, NC, who has recruited more than ten new employees to his team.

“I think I’ve had somewhere around 14 or 15 people [I’ve referred] come in for an interview,” Paris said. “I was in healthcare management prior to joining the RHA team and I had a very faithful staff. Some of them came with me just because they liked being under my management, but there are a lot of good things about RHA that brought people over as well.”

RHA offers several different referral incentive programs, which vary by location, but Paris shared that while the financial benefit of recruiting folks has certainly been an incentive, he is also just proud to bring people on board with RHA.

“I spent a lot of time explaining to each candidate that RHA is a good company to work for. [RHA] definitely shows employee appreciation, they care for their staff, and the management has proven that if there’s an issue they will actively listen and try to fix it.”

Thank you, Paris, for all that you do for the people we support, and for encouraging others to join the team at RHA!