A Loyal Customer – Tammy’s Story

Tammy with Gene at the Lincolnton Food LionTammy, a person supported by RHA in Lincolnton, North Carolina, enjoys writing recipes on index cards, going grocery shopping, and cooking new meals. Tammy and Beth, the Direct Support Professional who works closely with her, had gone grocery shopping at several grocery stores that just weren’t the right fit. Earlier this year, Beth and Tammy started grocery shopping at the Food Lion in Lincolnton, NC. In Tammy’s own words:

My name is Tammy. Me and my staff started doing our shopping for groceries at the Food Lion in Lincolnton in February, because other grocery stories did not treat me like a person, like I like to be treated. When we walked into the Lincolnton Food Lion, Gene greeted me with a smile and was very friendly. Greg helped us find things I was looking for. Then I got to [the] register and got to meet Josh. He is a cashier. Each time we go they help us out with the groceries, always treat me as an individual with respect, know me by name and make me feel welcome. Them and Beth never make me feel different like other places have. We’ve even went to other Food Lions just for a few things, but [they’re] not like my Lincolnton Food Lion. Thank you Josh, Gene and Greg.

Tammy's letter about her Lincolnton Food Lion

Tammy with Josh at the Lincolnton Food Lion