ProAct Conference 2019

The first annual ProAct Conference was held in High Point, NC
on March 6, 2019, with Jeanne Duncan delivering the keynote message. RHA has committed to hold an annual conference for all certified instructors and instructor trainers with the goal of continuous learning, focus on related clinical content, and opportunity for Instructors to share and learn from each other.
In 2017, RHA created ProAct, a person-centered, trauma-informed, integrated training program to develop employee competence in crisis prevention and intervention. Following approval by NC DMH/DD/SAS, ProAct was launched in early 2018 with the initial emphasis on training and certification of Instructor Trainers and Instructors.
As a part of the ProAct Launch Plan and based upon the 2018 implementation experiences, a complete curriculum review and revision was conducted. Curriculum feedback was solicited from RHA Leadership, RHA employees, ProAct

Instructors, and the Instructor Trainer Team. The initial writing team members for the 2019 Edition included: Genny Pugh, Eric Gabriel, Roger Jones, Dotty Bell, and Ken Martin. The draft review and field test team members were: Ken Martin, Erika Odom, Herb Smith, Cristin Parrish, Bennedeta Kelly, Ron Hawkins, and Kenya Rankin.
RHA’s ProAct 2019 Curriculum provides competency-based training, influenced by evidenced-based practices and committed to promoting non-violent practices and supporting person-centered approaches. As of March 15, 2019, there are 8 certified Instructor Trainers and a total of 53 certified Instructors training.

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