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Here’s what the people we support, their families and caregivers have to say about the services they received from RHA:

When we were told our son would need to move from an institution to a group home, we were scared.  Then along came RHA.  Since then, we have been comforted time and time again with the acceptance, love, concern, and respect that we and our son have been given.  Our family has always been welcomed, and our thoughts and concerns have been addressed.”  Lynn P. Lawrence (parent)

Each day with RHA, my son is presented with challenges and training that helps him become a more independent part of society.  He lives in an environment that fosters family life and its responsibilities.  It is his home, where he has his own private time, goes out into the community for recreation, and goes to work five days a week.  He has what we all want for our family member – independence.”  Dee Reece (parent)

RHA has been providing services for my son for over 16 years now, and I am very pleased with the company all around.  I would gladly refer any person in need of their services to RHA.”  Peggy Poovey (parent)

While visiting RHA psychologist, I saw a poster offering help finding employment. I called the number and made an appointment with my Employment Specialist, who was a tremendous motivator and big help to me. We met the next week and every Tuesday for the next month. New resume, brushed up on interview skills and off we went. I got the job!

After one week of driving a forklift backwards I realized I made a terrible mistake. I hated the job, especially the 11 pm to 11 am shift.

When I went to my former job to pick up my last check they ask: “What would it take to get you back?” “An extra dollar an hour would be good.” Then they gave it to me!

I am now the assistant manager with the combination to the safe and keys to store. I get commission on sales and one dollar an hour raise! And yes I still have to deliver furniture, but I am much happier than driving a forklift backwards!

– A person who found a job through RHA Employment Services IPS

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