About RHA Health Services

RHA Health Services is a multi-state company providing a comprehensive network of support services for people with intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities and those with behavioral health needs or substance use challenges.  Our services are person-centered, outcome-driven and tailored to reflect our commitment to community inclusion, holistic, wrap-around support, and the integrated care model.  We serve both children and adults and support every level of need.  We have programs accredited by the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

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Behavioral Health Services

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Founded in 1991, RHA began as a small cluster of ICF group homes in North Carolina.  Over the years, RHA has grown into a leading service provider with over 5,000 employees across locations in North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, and Georgia. We now offer everything from supported living, waiver programs, and employment services for people with intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities to a broad range of evidence-based clinical services, prevention and recovery programs, outpatient care, and crisis services for people with behavioral health needs.

RHA is dedicated to supporting people with disabilities as they strive for increasing independence, personal growth, and opportunities in their communities.  The guiding principle of RHA behavioral health programs is that every person is unique and, therefore, every path to recovery and wellness is unique.

Our approach to care puts the needs of the people and communities we serve at the center of every decision.

Our Corporate Office:

RHA Health Services
17 Church Street
Asheville, NC 28801
Office Phone: (828) 232 – 6844
Fax: (828) 232 – 6845

Please do not call the corporate office number for the coordination of services. Please refer to the locations listed on the Our Locations page to coordinate services in your area. Thank you!

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