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In Pennsylvania, RHA Health Services provides behavioral health services through two divisions: PAHrtners Deaf Services and RHA Health Services (previously Salisbury Behavioral Health). We offer a wide array of services for adults and children, including both community-based and residential options. 

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PAHrtners Deaf Services offers a wide range of behavioral, developmental and therapeutic support programs to Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals across Pennsylvania in an environment free of cultural or language barriers. We provide community based behavioral and mental health programs for individuals who utilize sign language as their primary mode of communication. Services include supportive living programs, outpatient therapy, psychiatric evaluations, medication management, case management, day programs and community participation supports. Most of our staff members are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Therefore, nearly all PAHrtners employees are fluent in American Sign Language and versed in Deaf culture.


RHA Health Services (previously Salisbury Behavioral Health) provides a broad range of mental health services children and adults in Pennsylvania. We are committed to providing person-centered services that are culturally competent, flexible, coordinated, accountable, and focused on individual’s strengths and values. Our goal is to work in partnership with people to empower them to make choices, attain life goals, build relationships, and participate in community life in the most integrated and independent manner possible. Each individual is treated with respect, dignity, courtesy, and equality. We seek to provide the opportunity for people to recover with the recognition that the recovery process is unique for each individual.

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