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RHA Health Services knows we must develop every leader in our organization to support our philosophy of person-centered care.

The RHA Health Comprehensive New Employee Orientation includes:

  • Meeting federal and state requirements
  • The company’s vision, mission, policies, and shared values
  • An understanding of the people we support
  • Worksite-specific training necessary to meet specific job requirements

Learning & Development Strategy

The RHA strategy for providing Learning & Leadership Development opportunities for all employees includes the following:

  • Mandatory training for employees providing direct support that commences immediately after hiring and must be completed within the first six months of employment
  • Training programs to achieve organizational goals
  • Health, safety, and other training designed to meet or exceed state and national requirements
  • Encouraging continuous professional development and career planning
  • Supporting development of the skills and knowledge required to meet the needs of the job
  • Funding attendance at professional development events such as conferences and seminars
  • Supporting employees who are working on vocational qualifications or academic programs, and encouraging those seeking professional certification
  • Setting training schedules to accommodate recertification requirements
  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of Learning & Leadership Development programs with a view to continued improvement
  • Keeping a record of the training received by and certifications required of each employee

Learning and Leadership Development is about more than attending a class, it is about learning in a broader context which often encompasses work-based learning, enabling employees to increase their skills and knowledge beyond the classroom or computer.

This can include:

  • Participating in programs for the people we support
  • Learning from survey results and incident reporting
  • Participating in clinical audit programs and clinical supervision
  • Shadowing and Coaching
  • QA Assessments
  • Involvement in the community

Accountability For Training

Responsibility and accountability for Learning & Leadership Development of RHA employees is shared by the corporate team, unit, regional and local management, and the employees themselves. Every employee at RHA contributes to and benefits by the Learning & Leadership Development mantra of “Quality Learning for a Quality Life.”

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