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RHA Health Services is a multi-state CQL and CARF accredited provider of high-quality services to individuals with intellectual and development disabilities (IDD) and to those with mental health and substance use needs. Read more about RHA.  

Making the decision to sell your business may appear overwhelming. Fortunately, RHA has decades of experience working with sellers of all sizes to make the entire process as efficient and seamless as possible. We work with you throughout the entire process to ensure that we get to the end goals: a successful transaction and a company that continues to provide high quality services to the individuals served.

We encourage you to reach out to learn more about a potential exit strategy for your organization.

Acquisitions Process

Step 1

Submit our Mergers & Acquisitions Interest Form:

Step 2

Both RHA and your organization will execute a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This agreement protects the confidentiality of discussions between both parties. At RHA, we take confidentiality very seriously and are committed to protecting all information disclosed during our conversations.

Step 3

After the NDA is executed, we will set up a Zoom or face-to-face meeting which will incorporate members of our Development and Operations Leadership teams. During this call, we will have a collaborative discussion to get to know each other. We will gain an understanding of your culture, quality of services, service mix, number of individuals served, payor mix, and organizational structure. You can ask us any initial questions about RHA, and we also will explain how the acquisition process works. If there is a mutual level of interest to continue the process, we will walk you through a straightforward preliminary information request list.

Step 4

Once we have the preliminary information from you, we will begin our internal financial review. The purpose of this exercise is for us to build a financial model to understand the hypothetical financial performance of your organization post-close. During this process, we may reach out to you for clarification.  Once this process is completed, we will determine a value for your business.

Step 5

We will extend to you a non-binding Letter of Intent (LOI) agreement which states the purchase price for your business, as well as any other material considerations. The agreement will state that the projected closing time and the agreement is contingent on RHA verifying the preliminary information through conducting formal due diligence.

Step 6

In the due diligence stage, we will work in collaboration to establish a project management timeline. Additionally, we will establish an online deal room to serve as a repository for data requests and may have in-person meetings to further get to know each other and the business. The objective of the due diligence process is for us to establish a detailed understanding of your organization.

Step 7

During the due diligence process, we will provide a draft of the purchase agreement to your legal advisor or attorney. This is the final legally binding agreement which incorporates the terms and conditions of the transaction.

Step 8

Once the definitive agreement is fully negotiated, we will align the closing time with the licensing notification requirements of your state, as well as the timing of employee on-boarding and other integration-related activities to ensure the transition of ownership to RHA is seamless. On the closing date, we will settle the funds agreed upon in the purchase agreement.

Step 9

We will continue integration activities over the first 30 to 60 days after the transaction closes. Oftentimes, the business owners stay on board in a limited short-term consulting capacity to help us ensure your business continues to operate successfully.

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