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ICF/IDD Centers

An ICF-IDD center is the most intensive residential service available to individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. They are funded by Medicaid to serve individuals with intensive medical or behavioral needs who need more than a typical group home offers, but less than a skilled nursing level of care.

Group Homes

Group homes with the designation of DDA homes are designed to serve the adult consumer whose primary diagnosis is mental retardation or developmental disorder. This setting has as a primary function the improvement of consumers’ daily living skills and the promotion of community integration. In addition, the consumer is given the opportunity and encouragement to attempt vocational skill building and eventual vocational placement.

To reach any of our Group Home facilities, please call 1-800-848-0180.

Bear Creek

We are home to 113 people featuring 24 hour nursing and respiratory support. Our on-campus school provides educational opportunities year round.  Our interdisciplinary teams work closely with family members and guardians in the formulation and implementation of an Individual Support Plan. We are located in Lenoir County near LaGrange, NC and are very much a part of the community.

Administrator: Missy Herring
5840 Greenwood Ave
LaGrange NC 28551
MCO: Eastpointe

Clear Creek

We are home to 120 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities requiring 24 hour supervision and support services. The on-campus Hunter McNelly School provides educational opportunities year round.  We are located just outside of the Charlotte, NC metro area where we receive support and genuine commitment from the entire community, civic clubs, town leaders, and volunteers.

Administrator: Sam Williams
1190 Howell Center Drive
Charlotte, NC 28227
MCO: Cardinal Innovations


We provide adult residential services to 15 people.  Our team includes Direct Support Professional, Nursing services, Qualified Professionals for case management, and Day Support Professionals.

Administrator: Shelia Shaw
1508 Gatewood Ave
Greensboro, NC
MCO: Sandhills

River Bend

We are home to 125 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities requiring 24 hour supports. Our well trained and professional staff provides a warm and nurturing atmosphere to all ages.  We are located in the township of River Bend in New Bern, NC.

Administrator: Tina Stewart
140 Pirates Road
New Bern, NC 28562
MCO: Trillium

Tar River

Tar River provides compassionate care for children with the most challenging medical conditions.
Our state-of-the-art 30 bed facility offers nursing and daily care for birth related complications, premature births, congenital defects, brain injuries and traumas.

Administrator: Nikki Ethridge
500 Sean Ave.
Greenville, NC 27834
MCO: Trillium

Walnut Creek

We are home to 37 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities requiring 24 hour supports.
Educational curriculums are provided along with around the clock nursing.  We are located in Goldsboro NC and receive genuine commitment from our community.

Administrator: Linda Woodard
5709 US 70 East
Goldsboro, NC 27534
MCO: Eastpointe

Greensboro Group Homes

We have six 6-person group homes in the Greensboro area: Holden, Ridgley Oak, Rollingwood, West Friendly, Westminster, and Westridge.

Administrator: Shelia Shaw
1508 Gatewood Ave
Greensboro, NC
MCO: Sandhills

Charlotte Group Homes

We have four 6-person DDA Homes. Nevins #1-#4.

Greenville Group Homes

We have two group homes for children and adolescents; King George and Forrest Hills.   One is a six person home for girls and one a six person home for boys.  Our qualified, well-trained direct support and clinical staff make a difference in the lives of children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities, mental health needs, and challenging behaviors.  We emphasize community inclusion and every child attends public schools.

Curry House is a co-ed 4-person group home that provides community choice to people currently living in state operated facilities. This home provides 24 hour wake staff and on-call nursing, along with individualized health training and supported employment.  This new state-of-the art home is located in a quiet rural setting only ten minutes from Greenville, NC.

Administrator: Cynthia Stevens

To reach any of our Group Home facilities, please call 1-800-848-0180.

Community-Based Specialty Services

Assertive Community Treatment Team services use a team of mental health professionals to offer a full range of support services to people with serious behavioral health needs.  ACTT promotes rehabilitation and independence by teaching people the coping skills needed to live in their own communities safely and productively, engaging them in normal daily routines and healthy social interactions.  People receiving ACTT services often experience significant reductions in crisis situations such as homelessness, incarceration or repeated hospitalizations.

The goal of Community Support Services is to empower individuals to realize their strengths, integrate into their communities, and build the confidence to become their own best advocates.  Service users receive intensive community-based mental health and/or substance abuse rehabilitative services that not only provide treatment but also help improve a person’s quality of living through increased coping skills, better social supports, improved symptom and medication management, finding employment, and reduced occurrence of crisis situations such as hospitalization or incarceration.

These services are offered in non-residential settings and are focused on helping individuals reach their highest level of functioning.  Improvements in self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills are important goals.  Day supports serve to strengthen the skills learned in school or in physical, occupational, or speech therapies.  Day services may focus on prevocational activities such as improving attention span, motor skills, attendance, and the completion of assigned tasks.

By employing deaf professionals, RHA ensures that the unique needs of the deaf community and deaf culture are respected and integrated into all services, including mental health and employment services.  Our services are designed to offer support to deaf individuals as they seek to establish stable living arrangements, learn new skills and information, find helpful resources, and gain meaningful employment.  We believe that people should be as independent as possible in their lives, while receiving the support they need to be successful in reaching their goals.

Intensive In-Home Therapeutic Services are time-limited therapeutic intervention services for youth who are at high risk of placement in professional treatment centers or foster care due to serious behavioral health challenges.  IIH Services seek to prevent these out-of-home placements when possible and preserve normal family living arrangements through the use of in-home supports.  Intensive case management and monitoring, therapy and substance abuse treatment, and family counseling are some of the supports that can be provided depending on the child’s level of need.

On the path to recovery, it helps to have the support of someone who has been there before.  That’s where RHA Peer Support Specialists can help.  Peer Support Specialists are individuals with mental illness and/or addiction who have completed at least 40 hours of intensive Peer Support training and have demonstrated resiliency and success in their own personal recovery efforts.  Because of this, they can offer special insight as they help others in recovery build self-advocacy skills, learn to better manage their mental health needs/addiction, and find housing, employment, or education.  Peer Support Specialists can also help individuals develop their Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), which focuses on life goals, crisis planning, and relapse prevention.

When individuals need help with the activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation and eating, and care of personal hygiene, our direct care professionals can offer support for these activities.

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RHA Psychosocial Rehabilitation programs are designed to help adults with behavioral health challenges increase their ability to live independently, minimizing their need for ongoing professional intervention.  We help people set and pursue their own personal goals and implement steps to better manage their illness and their everyday lives.  Self-advocacy, management of personal care and daily living, pre-vocational activities, and supported employment are just some of the features our PSRs can offer.

Everyone needs a break now and then.  We understand and can help.  Our respite services allow you to have that night out or afternoon outing without worrying.  RHA respite services are available either at an individual’s home or at one of our respite centers.  Through respite services, we offer caregivers temporary relief and rest while ensuring a high level of care provided by skilled and compassionate professionals.

RHA offers supported employment to increase job opportunities for people with disabilities.  We are constantly building local and regional partnerships with the business community that can help the people we support find long-term employment.  We can help job seekers find suitable employment, coordinate transportation, and even offer on-the-job support for as long as needed.

Located in Greenville, the Tar River Center is a unique pediatric unit for children with complex medical needs providing 24 hour continual medical monitoring and technological support.  This program is a partnership with the East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine, and a leader in providing state of the art services.

Tenancy Support Team/Transition Management Services is a rehabilitation service intended to help individuals live more independently within their own communities by maintaining tenancy.  RHA offers discreet housing support to people with mental health needs and/or substance use challenges who are experiencing difficulty in maintaining tenancy due to these conditions.

Who We Are

  • RHA Health Services provides the case management and staff that help make CAP/C services happen for your medically fragile child through age 20.
  • We are the link between your family, needed services, Department of Social Services, Division of Medical Assistance, physicians, and therapists.
  • We are the go-to source so that you do not have to navigate the system alone.
  • We are there to open up, construct, and maintain the many resources required to get everything that your child needs.
  • We are the case managers that locate, link, and monitor services.
  • We are the voice on the phone reassuring you that the supplies will come, that the nurse will show, and that everything is being done to have services approved.

What Is CAP/C?

CAP/C is a Medicaid home and community based waiver program formally known as the Katie Becket Waiver.  It is designed to serve medically fragile children and help them to stay at home with their families. We serve families from birth through age 20.

What services are offered ?

  • Case Management
  • Skilled nurses, pediatric nurses aides
  • Respite, personal, and palliative care
  • Therapy services not offered by regular Medicaid
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Oral nutritional supplements
  • Home and vehicle modifications
  • Caregiver training and education

Who qualifies for CAP/C ?

Children with ventilators, tracheostomies, feeding tubes, and severe seizures.

Children who need help with bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting when for medical reasons can not do these tasks independently.

Asking for help isn’t always easy.  Just knowing who to call can be a challenge often too hard to handle. RHA CAP/C case managers take the guess-work out and provide a warm voice to answer questions, provide instruction, and an ear to listen.

Our case managers and knowledgeable staff can guide you in reference to services, available programs, what information is needed, and how to get started.

Phone 1-800-848-0180
Fax  919-803-2963

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