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The RHA Quality Assurance System was established to benefit the people we support, evaluate our programs, and gather feedback so that we can always find ways to improve the services we offer.  RHA is committed to doing everything possible to enhance the lives of the people we serve.  Effective regulation, monitoring, and oversight help to ensure that all individuals who choose RHA as their support provider receive the best possible services.

RHA policies, standards, and procedures are designed to meet or exceed all relevant laws and regulations.  To ensure that we always work to maintain the highest standards of care, we have instituted the Corporate Ethics and Compliance Program.

The RHA Code of Conduct is the cornerstone of this program.   All of our employees receive annual training on this program and are expected to use the Code of Conduct as their guide when facing all professional, ethical and legal decisions.

For questions or concerns involving these decisions, RHA has established a toll-free Ethics and Compliance Helpline: 1-866-742-2428 (1-866-RHA-CHAT).  This helpline is available 24/7.

RHA Health Services is accredited by the International Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL).  We have adopted the Personal Outcomes system developed by the CQL as our standard in the development and evaluation of person-centered planning for the people we serve.

In August 2020, RHA Health Services (RHA) was awarded the four-year Person-Centered Excellence Accreditation from CQL | The Council on Quality and Leadership.

RHA also has programs accredited by CARF International. In 2019, RHA received three-year accreditation from CARF International for six behavioral health services at 24 service locations in North Carolina. CARF accreditation has been the recognized benchmark of quality health and human services for more than 50 years.

At RHA, being person-centered means that the people we support are the focus of all we do.  We work with people to help them create opportunities and meet their personal goals.  Our mission is to provide safe, healthy, and supportive environments that allow people to build useful skills and thrive in many areas of life including personal care, daily living, socialization, employment, and self-determination.

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