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RHA is a Certified Care Management Agency by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. The goal of Tailored Care Management is to improve the health of North Carolinians through a coordinated system of care, which addresses both medical and non-medical components of health.

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What is Tailored Care Management?

Tailored Care Management is a North Carolina Medicaid service option. Care Managers coordinate all aspects of a person’s health care needs to improve their wellbeing and quality of life.

Those choosing Tailored Care Management will have a designated Care Manager who, with the support of a specialized team, coordinates with their physicians, connects them with necessary resources, and creates a network of supports to achieve better health and quality of life outcomes.

Who qualifies for Tailored Care Management?

Tailored Care Management provides specialized support to current members who have significant mental health needs, severe substance use disorders, or intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD).

What are the benefits of Tailored Care Management?

Tailored Care Management works to create a more seamless healthcare experience:

  • Your individual Care Manager will create a plan to help coordinate your physical health and pharmacy needs, as well as your behavioral health and/or IDD service needs.
  • Care Managers can help in other areas that may affect your health and wellbeing, such as finding appropriate resources for housing, employment, food insecurity and more.
  • Your Care Manager will provide individualized support and aid caregivers/family members in successful management of your health needs.
  • Your Care Manager will serve as a streamlined contact point for coordinating your individual care.

Why RHA?

At RHA Health Services, the people we serve and support are at the very center of everything we do. For over 30 years, RHA has provided services for the IDD community, and through expansion, offers behavioral health and Deaf and Hard of Hearing services – and now we are excited to provide Tailored Care Management to community members across North Carolina.

As a company, we focus on helping people live their best lives through setting and reaching personal goals, forming and sustaining meaningful community connections and relationships, achieving positive outcomes in health and wellness, and more. The addition of Tailored Care Management will allow us to provide even more personalized care to the people we serve.

Read about RHA’s Executive Director of Care Management Tormeica Allison here.

How do I enroll in Tailored Care Management?

The member choice period to elect a Care Management Agency ended October 14, 2022, and anyone who hadn’t selected a Care Management Agency at that time was automatically assigned to one.

Choosing not to participate in Tailored Care Management is your right. If you choose not to participate, your care will not change.

If you are assigned to another Care Management Agency and want to switch to RHA’s Care Management Agency, contact your Local Management Entity/Managed Care Organization (LME/MCO). Click here to find their contact information.

For more information about North Carolina’s Tailored Care Management initiatives, visit NCMedicaidPlans.gov or call 833.870.5500.

With questions about RHA’s Tailored Care Management program, who should I contact?

Email our Tailored Care Management team at caremanagementnc@rhanet.org or call 1.800.848.0180.

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