For Providers

Making a Referral to RHA Health Services

At RHA, we believe in holistic treatment.  Physical health is rightfully becoming more integrated with the services RHA provides.

That makes working with other providers extremely important.

If you need to make a referral to RHA, there are two ways you can reach out:

1) Visit our Locations page, where you will see a map of all RHA’s locations.  Each of our locations in Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Tennessee has a contact number for you to call directly.
2) Call 1-800-848-0180. This number is only available M-F during business hours.

Become Part Of RHA Health Services

Over the years, RHA has grown both organically and through acquiring providers where the owner was ready to step away from leading their organization.  RHA has worked tirelessly to ensure high-quality supports continue, so persons-served maintain a seamless service experience.

Questions?  Call 1-800-848-0180.