Community Specialty Programs in Georgia

RHA Health Services in Georgia recognizes resources that enhance the quality of life can have a dramatic effect on a person’s health.  Our community specialty programs aim to address “whole person” care needs, which in addition to monitoring health, may include help with employment, education, cultural needs, safe housing, and other social and economic factors that impact a person’s health.

Behavior Support Services

Behavior Support Services offer comprehensive assessment, behavior support planning, ongoing supervision, caregiver training and clinical data analysis when people with physical, intellectual or developmental disabilities display challenging behaviors.

Community Access Services (CAI & CAG)

These services are designed to assist the person supported in acquiring, retaining or improving self-help, socialization and adaptive skills required for active community participation and independent functioning outside the person’s home. These services are offered for one person (CAI – Community Access Individual) or for groups of no more than ten people (CAG – Community Access Group), with the appropriate number of staff available to provide the service effectively.

Specialized Medical Supplies (SMS) & Equipment (SME)

Specialized Medical Supplies and Equipment include various supplies, devices, controls or appliances which are designed to enable supported persons to interact more independently with their environment thus enhancing their quality of life and reducing their dependence on physical support from others. Examples of Specialized Medical Supplies are food supplements, special clothing, diapers/briefs, bed wetting protective materials, etc. Specialized Medical Equipment may include mobility seating, bathing transferring devices, wheelchair, locks, door openers, side lyers, etc.

Nursing Services

Skilled nursing services are those that must be provided directly to the person supported by a registered or licensed nurse.

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