DSP Week Spotlight: Becca S. in NC

Becca has been a DSP with RHA for over a year. This is her first professional DSP role.

What do you love most about being a DSP?

“Helping take care of the guys every day. If I can bring a smile to their face, then I’m doing something right.”

What do you think the most important part of your job is?

“Being able to be there for the guys.”

What would you say to someone who is considering becoming a DSP at RHA?

“They need to put not themselves first, but others first. They need to be able to put their feelings aside. A lot of these folks have intellectual disabilities, and we need to be their ears, eyes, and voice. For most of them, we are the only voice they might have. We need to be able to be that for them.”

Becca was nominated by Cindy Myers, IDD Operations Vice President in NC, who said:

“Becca takes each day and makes the best of it. She is an amazing advocate for the health and safety of the people we support, always looking for ways to make their lives better. Becca radiates positivity and passion throughout her workday. Becca truly wants to learn and rise to new challenges so she can be the best support she can be for the people supported at Wildcat.”