Nurses Week Spotlight: Miranda Desmond and Brittany Calhoun

In Maiden, NC, an RHA Health Services team of dedicated professionals shape the lives of those they serve every day. This Nurses Week, Miranda Desmond, RN, and Brittany Calhoun, LPN, two nurses with unique journeys, share their stories of passion and purpose working at RHA. 

Having been an IDD Nurse at RHA for three years, Miranda remains deeply connected to her work and the individuals she supports. She purposefully journeyed back to serving the IDD population after starting a family and found a role that allows her to provide compassionate care. “Here at RHA, you always have that opportunity to make someone smile, make their day,” Miranda remarks.   

One of Miranda’s most recent, rewarding experiences has been building a top-notch nursing department in Maiden, NC. Her valued team includes Pam, Cassie, Brittany, and Savannah. Miranda says, “I couldn’t ask for a better team. They’re more than just nurses and clerks. They’re amazing people too.” As a unit, they are constantly in collaboration to come up with a plan to help best support the health and safety of all the people supported. 

“When I applied at RHA, I didn’t know what I was getting into. I didn’t technically know what IDD stood for,” admits Brittany. “Now, these individuals are practically family to me, and I absolutely love it.” Beyond addressing their disabilities, Brittany focuses on nurturing the individuals she serves abilities and fostering a sense of self-reliance. 

Joshua Correll, a person served at RHA Health Services in Maiden, NC, shares his gratitude for the nursing team’s support. “I like to see my buddy, Brittany. The nurses are nice. They make sure I’m fed. A long time ago, I hurt my knee. They had to wrap it in an ace bandage,” shares Joshua. 

For Brittany, every day presents an opportunity to infuse love and compassion into the lives of the individuals enrolled in the Maiden Day Program. She reflects, “I’ve personally grown as a nurse. I remember being shy and, in my shell, and this [role] helped me come out of my shell and made me a more confident nurse.”  

Miranda and Brittany’s ongoing journey at RHA Health Services serves as an inspiration for aspiring IDD nurses. Their unwavering dedication to nursing excellence beyond Nurses Week continues to enrich the Maiden community, leaving a lasting impact on those they serve. 

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