RHA Employee in North Carolina Creates Newsletter with the Help of People Supported

Debra W. is a Qualified Professional (QP) at RHA who has been working with people supported to create fun and festive newsletters for more than two years.

Debra began creating a newsletter with the help of people supported at one of RHA’s group homes in North Carolina more than two years ago.

“The newsletter is a big confidence booster. It makes people feel good and supported,” said Debra. “There are people supported who look forward to working on the newsletter. Once they’re done and something they helped create is printed, they get to see it and show it off.”

When Debra first introduced the newsletter she said people weren’t sure how to respond, but that it quickly gained traction. “People weren’t sure what to do with it for a long time, but now it’s gotten to the point where the people supported are asking about it constantly. They want to have their birthday celebrated, or appreciated. I barely have to engage people anymore because people enjoy it so much.”

The newsletter has been running for more than two years, and while a recent change and Debra said she’s excited to continue working on it. “I love to do it; it’s my work hobby! It’s just the most fun, relaxing thing in the world.”

Thank you, Debra, for engaging the people we support and helping them find a way to feel seen, supported, and celebrated!