RHA Health Services Launches A New Corporate Website

web-screensRHA Health Services is unveiling a new website with a totally different look! We are taking a Lean Six Sigma approach in development of this new site.  What is Lean Six Sigma?  It is defined as a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating non-value added activities through continuous pursuit of improvement in consumer/client satisfaction.

Fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma:

1) All work gets done via processes
2) Quality is usually a very important part of the end output
3) Undesired variation is usually an enemy and adds both cost and poor quality
4) Information is usually a vital ingredient in making decisions
5) Some activities add value and others are wasteful.

We strive to attain the principles of Lean Six Sigma in the improvement of our processes and, most importantly, in the pursuit of continuous improvement in satisfaction of the people we support.

RHA Health Services is a multi-state company providing a comprehensive network of support services for people with intellectual developmental disabilities, mental illness and substance use challenges, physical disabilities and aging. Our services are person-centered, outcome-driven and tailored to reflect our commitment to community inclusion, holistic, wrap-around support and the integrated care model. We serve both children and adults and support every level of need. Our programs are accredited through the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL) and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).