RHA Health Services Provides Personalized Care Through Alternative Family Living

RHA is pleased to offer high-quality Alternative Family Living (AFL) services throughout North Carolina.

Alternative Family Living (AFL) is an innovative model of care, providing support and care for disabled adults and children who require help with day-to-day activities and whose needs can be met by an individual or family in a natural home setting. We asked Beverly Williams, an AFL Services Provider, some questions about her experience providing this unique form of care from her home.

Describe your role with RHA and overall industry experience.

Beverly: I am an AFL Services Provider with RHA Health Services in Fayetteville, NC. I provide a loving, safe, secure, and nurturing environment in my home for an individual with intellectual and developmental disabilities. RHA took what I brought to their company and enhanced my skills and knowledge through their continuous education and hands-on classes. In the healthcare field, education never ends! Before working with RHA, I was certified and trained to care for individuals with G-tubes, urinary catheters, colostomies, and tracheotomies, equipping me to care for the individual I support. The nurses at RHA provide continuous training so I can continue to meet the individual’s healthcare needs.

How and why did you become involved as an AFL provider?

Beverly: I saw the importance of quality care when my ailing parents required assistance taking care of themselves. When they passed away, a fire was ignited in me to care for someone else. It turned out to be my true passion.

What does your daily life look like as an AFL provider?

Beverly: We start our day ensuring ADLs (activities of daily living) are taken care of. Then, I incorporate our daily activities. For example, I like working in my flower garden, and the individual I support likes being with me. We also plan daily activities of her choice, such as going to Walmart, going to the park, or watching Lifetime movies together.

Tell us what inspires you about your work with RHA.

Beverly: I am inspired when I see someone thriving and progressing to their fullest potential. No matter how small an accomplishment may seem, it is a very big accomplishment for them.

Tell us about a time you made a difference in someone’s life through your work.

Beverly: When I cared for my parents in my home, I provided not only physical but emotional stability. When that stability is provided for a person, it improves their quality of life and, in most cases, prolongs their life.

What would you say to someone considering becoming an AFL provider?

Beverly: I would tell them they must be genuinely interested in helping others, because being an AFL Services Provider demands dedication and passion. They must possess patience and be committed to the calling. If you have those qualities, being an AFL Services Provider will be very rewarding for you and the person you serve.

Are you interested in becoming an AFL Provider or learning more about these services? Visit our website to learn more: rhahealthservices.org/disability-services/disability-services-in-north-carolina/