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Learn more about how to access our services, what to expect when you arrive at C3356 for treatment and support, and how to find resources and tools in your community that can help you manage your recovery efforts and reach your personal wellness goals:

Call 1-888-573-1006 for our 24/7 Mobile Crisis (MCM) Team for support

If you need help for an immediate mental health, substance use/addiction or developmental disability crisis and cannot come to C3356 for services.

Who Is Served at C3356?

Crisis Services: C3356 provides crisis support to adults and children, including people who have an intellectual/developmental disability. Anyone, regardless of age or insurance/financial status, who is seeking behavioral health crisis services for mental health needs, substance use and addiction, or for intellectual/developmental disabilities and mental health needs, may call or come to C3356 for help.

Routine Services

Eligibility for outpatient services and other routine care at C3356 (rather than crisis services) will be determined based on the person’s treatment needs and insurance coverage. Children in need of routine mental health services may receive referrals by calling the main number for C3356 (828-254-2700) or by calling Vaya Health Customer Services for access to care: 1-800-849-6127.

Services for Children

Children (age 4 and older) may come to C3356 for behavioral health crisis assessment, stabilization and support, and may ultimately be referred to a program specializing in children’s services. Children must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or appointed responsible adult while receiving services at C3356. The staff at C3356 will assist in making appropriate referrals and plans for further services if needed. If admitted to our Behavioral Health Urgent Care unit, a responsible adult must remain with the child.

Services for People with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

People with intellectual/developmental disabilities who are experiencing a mental health or substance use crisis may receive treatment in our Same Day Acess Walk-In Clinic, Behavioral Health Urgent Care, the Neil Dobbins Center (facility-based crisis and detox services) or they may receive crisis support from our Mobile Crisis team. You may need a family member or a natural or paid support person to bring you and stay with you as you participate in screening and crisis evaluation. If you need someone with you at all times to be safe and stable, or if you need assistance with personal care, mobility, communication, or other daily needs, a family member, friend or paid staff support will need to accompany and assist you while you are at C3356. If you have Innovations Waiver or state funded services, your service provider will assist you as you seek help for your crisis. 1-800-849-6127.

Medical Emergencies

If, during your visit to C3356, our staff identifies a serious physical injury or any underlying medical needs, you will be referred to the Emergency Department at Mission Health for medical treatment before receiving behavioral health services at C3356.

Payment & Insurance Information

Crisis Services: Crisis services are provided to anyone, regardless of insurance or ability to pay. If you have a Medicaid or private insurance card, please bring that card with you. However, you will receive crisis support services regardless of insurance or financial status.

Routine Services: If you are receiving outpatient or other routine services at C3356, you will participate in a screening process to identify your insurance status and to determine eligibility for services. We accept Medicaid, Medicare, NC Health Choice and other forms of insurance.

Make A Referral

Community & Self-Referrals: You may self-refer to C3356 by calling us or coming to our location at 356 Biltmore Ave. in Asheville. Friends and family members may support you by making the call with you, driving or accompanying you to C3356, and staying with you during your screening and crisis evaluation. If you are not in crisis, but wish to access mental health or substance use treatment services, call us at 828-254-2700 or come to the Walk In / Same Day Access Center on the Upper Level/2nd Floor of C3356, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Referrals from Healthcare Providers: Clinicians, psychiatrists, doctors, and other professionals may make referrals with and for individuals. No referral form is required in this process. Please call 828-254-2700 to initiate a referral.

Referrals from Law Enforcement: CLaw enforcement officers may bring individuals who choose to voluntarily initiate crisis services to the Lower Level Crisis Entrance at C3356, 24/7/365. This same entrance is the designated drop-off site for individuals who are subject to Involuntary Commitment to receive stabilization and treatment at the Neil Dobbins Center, our facility-based crisis and detox center, also located on the Lower Level of C3356. Please call 828-254-2700 for more information. The direct number for the Neil Dobbins Center is 828-253-6306. 

What To Expect

You may call C3356 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to talk with a staff member, get information about services and learn more about how C3356 can help you. Just call 828-254-2700.

You may also come to C3356 and walk in the front door during business hours (8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday) to learn more about our services and to ask for help. Certain organizations that provide services within C3356 may have different business hours and some of our outpatient groups may meet in the evening, after normal business hours. For more information about this, please come by C3356 or call our main number:

C3356 Comprehensive Care Center 356 Biltmore Ave. Asheville, NC 28801 Main Phone: 828-254-2700

When you first arrive at C3356, you will be seen by an RHA staff member for an initial meeting to help determine your needs. Typically, you are talking with a staff member within 15 minutes of approaching our front desk.

24/7 Walk-In Crisis Services: Walk-in services for anyone experiencing a mental health, substance use/addiction, or developmental disability crisis are available 24/7 on the Lower Level of C3356. If you are in crisis, you may go directly to our crisis care services by using the Lower Level/1st Floor entrance, without having to go through our main entrance and lobby.

In Crisis And Can’t Come To C3356?

Call Our 24/7 Mobile Crisis Helpline: 1-888-573-1006 for Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are receiving an enhanced service, (ACTT, CST, Innovations, etc.) from RHA or another provider, please first contact your team to obtain first responder crisis support. If you decide to use C3356 crisis services, your provider will assist you in this process.

What if I am not currently receiving behavioral health services? Anyone who is seeking behavioral health crisis services – for mental health, substance use/addiction, or for intellectual disabilities and mental health – may call or come to C3356, regardless of whether they have ever received services in the past.

Please bring your Medicaid or other insurance card and your medications or a complete list of medications. If you have a copy of an individual service plan and a safety or crisis plan, please bring that with you. Please do not bring personal items or extra clothing.

You may call Mobile Crisis at 1-888-573-1006 to talk with a staff member and learn about how Mobile Crisis may be able to help you. If you have a physical injury, medical emergency or other life threatening emergency, please call 9-1-1.

It is common for people to be concerned about the care and safety of pets or home security if they must be away for more than a few hours. Please call 828-254-2700 to talk to staff who may be able help you with referrals for pet care during crises and suggestions about leaving your home secure while you are away.

Every county in the 23 Vaya Health counties of western North Carolina has 24/7 Mobile Crisis Services and comprehensive care centers with regular business hours, which offer walk-in and same day access to care for people in crisis. For the service closest to you, please call Vaya Health Customer Services at 1-800-849-6127. If you are in crisis and wish to speak to a member of a Mobile Crisis Team, the call center will stay on the line and connect you with a team member. If you have a physical injury, medical emergency or other life threatening emergency, please call 911.

NAMI Western Carolina is a grassroots mental health organization that offers support and resources to individuals and families affected by mental illness. Hours of operation and support group schedules are posted on their website namiwnc.org . NAMI focuses on improving wellness and quality of life through the key concepts of recovery, resilience and support.

No, anyone who is interested in working with peer specialists and gaining insight and support for their own recovery journey can use the Peer Living Room. If you have intellectual disabilities, support needs for communication, mobility, or personal assistance, you may wish to bring along a support staff person or a friend who can assist you during your first visit.

Yes, if you are an eligible Buncombe County resident and have a referral from a behavioral health provider and a prescription, you may use the C3356 Pharmacy. To learn more about eligibility or the ABCCM pharmacy services at C3356, visit the pharmacy or call 828-259-5306. If you have questions about filling your behavioral health prescriptions and you are not a Buncombe County resident, you may call Vaya Health Customer Services at 1-800-849-6127.

Yes, you can call 828-254-2700 for information and appointment times. You can also walk into the Upper Level/2nd Floor entrance of C3356 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, to learn more about RHA outpatient services, NAMI, and the ABCCM pharmacies.

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