RHA Residential Team Lead in NC builds team through referrals!

Paris Capozziello is a Residential Team Leader with RHA’s disability services in Hendersonville, NC, who has recruited more than ten new employees to his team.

“I think I’ve had somewhere around 14 or 15 people [I’ve referred] come in for an interview,” Paris said. “I was in healthcare management prior to joining the RHA team and I had a very faithful staff. Some of them came with me just because they liked being under my management, but there are a lot of good things about RHA that brought people over as well.”

RHA offers several different referral incentive programs, which vary by location, but Paris shared that while the financial benefit of recruiting folks has certainly been an incentive, he is also just proud to bring people on board with RHA.

“I spent a lot of time explaining to each candidate that RHA is a good company to work for. [RHA] definitely shows employee appreciation, they care for their staff, and the management has proven that if there’s an issue they will actively listen and try to fix it.”

Thank you, Paris, for all that you do for the people we support, and for encouraging others to join the team at RHA!